Visit your dentist at regular intervals

Visit your dentist regularly  for check ups to avoid unnecessary pain and distress.

Brush your teeth regularly

Brush your teeth using a small headed tooth brush twice daily. Make it the last thing you do before climbing into bed. Use a flouride  toothpaste – just a pea size amount on your brush. Just a smear for under 3’s.

Spit don’t rinse.

Allow the toothpaste to keep on working.

Reduce your snacks

Avoid grazing on  sugary and acidic foods/drinks.

If you are having them restrict to meal times

Remember to clean between your teeth

No matter how well you clean your teeth you still need to clean between them. Flossing and the use of interdental brushes such as TePe are essential. At Kayr dental we will advise you of the regime that is most suitable for you.

Stop smoking!

Smoking has detrimental effects on both the teeth and gums in addition to the other serious health risks.

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As per Scottish Government guidance all non-essential dental treatment should now be postponed until further notice.
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